Every year framing competitions are hosted by the Fine Art Trade Guild or sponsors within the framing industry.


Generally speaking, a competition title is produced along with guidelines of permitted size.  The objective is to be as creative as you like and to work to the highest level because your entry will be scrutinised to the nth degree!


I have successfully won many competitions and been finalists in many others.  These are just a few photographs of some of the pieces that I have entered over the years.



Brooch Collection 2011
image alt
image alt

Competitions are great!  They stretch you in all sorts of ways.  Starting only with a Competition Title it is up to the individual to produce an interesting, creative and technically perfect piece of work.  Love them!

Over the years I have entered many competitions - I have won many and also been finalist in many others.  It really is not the winning that counts (although that is very nice) but the opportunity to really do something different.  Competition is health!