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We are featuring a number of different artists who have their own unique style and techniques.


We would like to introduce Gez Martin.  See below to find out more about his diverse portfolio.


I was born and raised on the south coast, where I started my art career and this has totally influenced my outlook on life. I am a professional artist who has never limited himself to any single medium and my development has followed many paths. Commissions have dominated my art life covering everything from wedding bouquets to landscapes and house portraits. I began teaching art in schools later in my life - a scary prospect! However, teaching a diversity of media, including glass making, sculpture and painting engendered a new enthusiasm to experiment and follow my own edict of ‘why not?’


I have always been an outdoor guy and have spent many inspiring hours drifting through the heavens. As a result, I have now put all that “time-wasting” into this new project ‘The Magic of Skies’.  The future holds more experimentation with abstraction of light, shape and colour – a natural follow-on from the intensity of skies.

I reduced my commissions this year to focus on my recent exhibition in Chichester, but am now ready to work with clients again to connect a favourite view/vista with a suitable skyscape.

I also offer one-to-one mentoring for those who are lacking in confidence, need mentoring and/or feel intimidated by art classes. This operates very much on the same lines as fitness personal training – total focus on the clientspersonal goals.


I first studied at St Luke’s College, Exeter and then progressed into the academic world, whilst working as a semi-professional artist. The processes of teaching and mentoring have been my most rewarding activities. I have always believed that there is a type of art for everyone, and experimentation is crucial.  Two years ago I would not have considered using soft pastels as a major medium in my armoury - yet now it forms a strong element.



I have always enjoyed working in mixed media but never had the time to truly explore them. The Sky Project has enabled me to develop a whole range of new techniques, surfaces and mediums, the culmination of which has been the Exhibition on Skies.

I have used flat board to create soft smudgy effects and acrylic over suede with soft pastel on top.  Some work has been fixed with medium and technique allowing the surface to be cleaned and treated as canvas art.  The techniques and mediums have been dictated by the effect and atmosphere I am trying to create. Much of my work is semi-abstract and leaves the viewer with the task of filling in the pieces.

Most of my work has been expertly framed by the internationally acclaimed framer Lyn Hall, whose advice and total dedication to my work is astonishing. The highest quality materials has been used, I hope you enjoy our combined efforts.


                                             Gez Martin




I have always enjoyed working in mixed media but never had the time to truly explore them. This project has enabled me to explore and develop a whole range of techniques, surfaces and medium - the culmination of which is this exhibition on skies.