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We are featuring a number of different artists who have their own unique style and techniques.


We would like to introduce Luke Martin son of Gez Martin, who was our previous featured artist, and whose work is still available to view.  See below to find out more about Luke's portfolio of digital art.


They are available as Signed Prints, or Signed and Framed and in various sizes.  A full Price List is included below the images to the right.



I am Luke, a professional illustrator from Surrey.  Art has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember and is a fundamental part of who I am.  Largely to blame for this is my father Gez, who taught me to draw and whose work can also be seen on this website.  Art is my job, however, it is the sheer enjoyment I get from making silly pictures which ultimately motivates me - I hope that comes across in my work.

my credentials

Following a youth spent doodling on every available surface I enrolled at The Surrey Institute of Art and Design (now UCA) in 1999 before studying Illustration at the Lincoln School of Art and Design, graduating with honours in 2003.  This was a period in the UK and internationally which increasingly saw artists exploring the relationship between traditional and digital media and was the progressive environment in which I first began to push my own boundaries and embrace digital art.

As an illustrator I have worked for clients in animation, publishing, advertising and editorial, as well as privately.  I also pursue a busy career in graphic design, a discipline which greatly informs my illustration work and vice versa.


My work begins as a series of pencil drawings and although usually executed digitally actually involves a wide range of traditional and experimental techniques. One of the things I love about using digital technologies in unison with other media is the freedom it gives me to marry materials that would otherwise be very difficult or impossible to combine. Examples of this include the use of non-porous surfaces such as ceramics or glass to capture temporary physical states in liquids and semi-solids or using mutually repellent substances such as oil and water.


The detail of the natural world is a constant source of inspiration and as a result I spend an inordinate amount of time crawling about in flowerbeds staring intensely at miniscule objects.  I use photography and scanning to capture extreme details and micro-structures that make up larger objects, manipulate food products and plants in various stages of life and decay, even use parts of my own body to achieve vivid, surreal, sometimes grotesque effects when used out of context. I also use ink, paints, household materials, fabrics, man-made objects and almost anything that rattles about in the back of a drawer. My images are best experienced at close range.



The detail of the naturalworld is a constant source of inspiration and as a result I spend an inordinate amount of time crawling about in flowerbeds staring intensely at miniscule objects.