Over the years, I have framed just about every type of needwork and textiles.  My customers are spread far and wide and if a customer cannot get to my workshop,  parcels arrive in the post containing wonderful pieces of work.  I stitch myself and therefore understand how much work is involved in the production of a piece, big or small and I consider it an honour being able to frame them on behalf of my customers.


In this section there are examples of Japanese embroidery, Chinese embroidery, English gold work, needle lace, ribbon work, Honiton Lace, different lace selections, freestyle machine embroidery, delicate hand embroidery, stump work, silk shading, white work and Samplers.  Each piece is totally different and I hope you will enjoy looking at them.


Today's embroideries are tomorrow's Samplers,  They take time, money and skill to produce and it is the responsibility of the Framer to ensure that they are handled correctly and sympathetically..

There are many different types of needlework including everything from cross-stitch to stump work.  They need squaring, padding, lacing, spacing and careful choice of glass to protect against fading and eventual rotting.  Every piece is different as are the stitchers who produce these lovely items.