Object framing is very interesting.  No two pieces are the same and there are so many ways you can achieve the required look.


Most of the objects are self-explanatory but there are one or two cake icing examples which require careful handling and special care with regard to humidity. 


Sports Memorabilia is also very diverse.  Football and Rugby shirts are always popular, as is the golf ball "hole in one".   I am here to create the perfect setting for your special piece of memorabilia or object.

Embroidered Baby ballet pumps
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There are no rules about what you can and can't frame.  The limitation is the framer whose job it is to make it happen.  The presentation can be quirky or traditional and means that once on the wall, you can view your objects every day!

I have framed everything from sports memorabilia to Egyptian Mummary beads, bugs and spiders to wedding cake decorations, clothes and shoes to pieces from wrecked ships.  What do you collect that you would like to see on your wall.  Look in the drawers and you will always find something.