Featured Artist

Gez Martin



Title:            Cosmic Cloud

Medium:    Soft Pastel over acrylic, on

                        suede cloth block canvas
Price:             £600 Framed, or

Price:             £100 Limited Print


For more information please call Lyn on 01483 810555 or email.

Every few months we will feature a different artist, each with their own unique style and techniques.


This month we are featuring Gez Martin.



"I have always enjoyed working in mixed media but never had the time to truly explore them. This project has enabled me to explore and develop a whole range of techniques, surfaces and medium - the culmination of which is this exhibition on skies".



"Everyone, at some stage in their life, has lain and watched the sky and wondered at its beauty, size, complexity, and yet simplicity.  It touches our very self, our moods and our ambitions".