Featured Artist

Luke Martin



Title:            Sand Crab 2

Medium:    Mixed Media & Digital
Price:            £17.50 Mounted 120x120mm

Price:            £12.00 Print 110x110mm, or

Price:            £10.00 Print 80x80mm

 For more information please call Lyn on 01483 810555 or email.

Every few months we will feature a different artist, each with their own unique style and techniques.


Here we are featuring Luke Martin.



The detail of the natural world is a constant source of inspiration and as a result I spend an inordinate amount of time crawling about in flowerbeds staring intensely at miniscule objects.



"Everyone, at some stage in their life, has lain and watched the sky and wondered at its beauty, size, complexity, and yet simplicity.  It touches our very self, our moods and our ambitions".