Featured Artist

Fi Channon - Inspired Art



Title:            Ascension

Medium:    Original Pastel and Inks
Size:              800x1010mm

Price:             £1500

For more information please call Lyn on 01483 810555 or email.

Every month we will feature a different artist, each with their own unique style and techniques.


This month we are featuring Fi Channon.  If you would like to find out more about her meditative teachings through the medium of art see www.inspiredart.info


"I aim to show people that by switching off the internal critic they can overcome their fears, gain confidence in themselves again and learn to find peace in a challenging world. The only difference is that we do it using paints, pencils and pastels".


"I use a relaxation method to get people into the right space and then we create from there with no judgment and no attachment to results. It is a very liberating experience for many and often people are surprised by what comes out".