Precious memories are just that!  Over the years I have framed all sorts of items that have a special meaning to the customer.  These range from their child's first painting or their first pair of shoes to plaster casts of baby hands and feet.


Some items just remind the customer of something or someone as in the case of "Miscellany" which is a mish mash of bits and pieces that I found after my Granny had died.  I have no idea what half of the things do, but I just wanted to keep them as a reminder.


Therefore, Precious Memories can be put into any format - a fully framed item, or a nice box in which to place your objects. 


In the Competition section, the brooch collection with which I won the competition in 2011 is a collection of brooches received from great aunts, aunts and grandmothers.  I never wanted to dispose of them and now they are a piece of art which I see every day.

Granny's Miscellany
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Precious Memories are just that!  Treasures that are often put in a drawer and forgotten, can become beautiful and nostalgic pieces of art


Memories are aided with visual references.  Some things I have framed over the years instantly transport me back to the person or time.  I treasure these memories and know that they will not be lost.