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         Training is an important part of any business  - it helps to prevent  mistakes both in setting up and running and speeds up the learning process.  I am indebted to Lyn for making the whole process enjoyable and invaluable.  I will be back to learn  more advanced framing once I am well and truly established.  Thank you.

Tim Harper




I can't believe how much I learnt  in a single day and how many bad habits I had already adopted by trying to teach myself.


So many things can be done quicker and better than I ever thought possible.

So you want to be a Picture Framer!

Picture framing is a great business to be in. It can sit nicely alongside a current job enabling you to build your skill and confidence until you are ready to commit 100% or you can go into it completely from the start, but you will be learning on your feet – a daunting process with a new business. You can purchase an established business but sometimes this makes it more difficult to put your own personal stamp onto your product, or you can start from scratch and determine how the business will be perceived. In addition to framing you may incorporate an art gallery or even an art materials shop.

Whatever your decision, learning a new skill can be rewarding and interesting.

What sort of items could you be expected to frame once proficient?

All types of paper borne artwork including open edition prints, posters, photographs, Limited Edition prints, original artwork, textiles including cross-stitch embroideries, tapestries, sports shirts, oils on canvas, object framing – the sky is the limit!

In addition, you need to be able to advise your new customers on how to preserve and protect their artwork – it may not be financially valuable, but sentimental value is just as important. Conservation framing is the title given to this area of framing and I choose to frame 100% at this level. This ensures the longevity and protection of any artwork that I handle.

Picture Framing Training

My Training School has received full accreditation from the Fine Art Trade Guild and after many years of operation has successfully assisted hundreds of new and existing framers to achieve greater potential within their businesses. I offer a full range of professional picture framing training courses for complete novices through to advanced levels, the various course contents are totally flexible both in duration and content and residential courses are also available. Courses are supported with full notes.

Download a copy of my Prospectus (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader ). If you cannot see what you would like to learn in the Prospectus, call to see if a bespoke course can be organised.


  Students from all over the

    world, come to the UK to be trained by Lyn. 

    Bookings are often in the diary

    for 2-3 months ahead so call

early to arrange a date.