Hints and Tips

How to hang pictures in groups

Hanging pictures in groups is an art in itself. It is important to remember that groups are best together if they have continuity:-

  • Frames are all the same colour but vary in sizes
  • Subjects are similar and frames are different
  • All same size frames with different colours

If you wanted to hang a selection of artwork the easiest way to do this is to clear a large space on the floor and lay out your frames. Move them around until you are happy with the display. Some people do not worry about spacing between but I like to have continuity between the frames regardless of their sizes so if I opted for 5cms gap I would factor that into the layout on the floor.

When you have the layout, you then need to work out the hanging measurements. This is best achieved by hanging your picture on an expanding ruler lip so that you can find the height of the string in relation to the top of the frame. This measurement tells you where you need to place the hook on the wall to get the correct position as per your layout design.