White Frames – Why do they work so well?

As in all elements of fashion, designs and colours are constantly changing. However one of the constants for the last few years has been white frames. There was a time when I would not have used them but since a lot of profiles and shapes are now simple and contemporary, it makes it a very usable colour. House interiors have changed and simple coloured walls can host a dramatic display.

As a framer, my job is to enhance your artwork not challenge it – the focal point should always be the artwork. When using white frames, I always try to match the mountboard colour to the frame so that there is a seamless edge and no significant difference in tones. A simple white frame with a white mount, maybe introducing colour into a double mount, can be very stylish and here are some examples to show you what I mean.

Colourful Acrylic Paint pour by American Artist, Artful June

Moroccan Tile with suitable shaped mount

Small accents of colour in “funky” corners enhance the artwork
Paper Butterflies in white box